Problems Sending Mail

Are you receiving bounceback messages when you try to send mail?

This may be due to the server being on a spam blacklist. This could be a result of compromised accounts on the server or forwards to a particular domain. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you share a server with other users. If these other users are running insecure scripts it can cause their accounts to be exploited and potentially allow a hacker to send spam through the server. Forwards can also cause issues with mail as all messages are forwarded including spam messages. The receiving domain identifies our servers as the sender, because it was the last IP address to handle the mesage, and may block the server if it has a high spam to ham (legit mail) ratio.

You should open a ticket for these issues and include the full headers of the bounceback message in a separate text file attached to the ticket for us to examine. We will request delistment from the blacklist

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