Bounce back messages to non existent email addresses at my domain

Was my account hacked? In all likelihood, no. If you are receiving emails to your domain (even bounce messages) which are addressed to non existant users, you probably have a catchall setup on your domain. A catchall is a way for the mail server (or MTA) to route emails which are addressed to invalid accounts at your domain, to a specific default inbox. This will be very noticable if a spammer is forging return addresses to your domain ( which is not difficult to do at all). To alleviate this, we recommend you disable your catchall. To disable your catchall, simply follow these steps:

1) Login to your cpanel account
2) Click on the mail icon
3) Click on default address
4) For each domain, there will be a box with the value of the default address for this domain. Enter ":fail: No such user here" in the box

And that will help prevent your account from accepting emails addressed to non existant accounts.

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