Social Media Optimisation


Social Media Optimisation
  • + Local Business Listing Research and Creation

    We will search for duplicate local business listings as these prove to be problematic and will affect the integrity and user-friendliness of your listings. Search engines and major local listing sites flag duplicate entries as these confuse users. We also do competition analysis on your category and do search engine ranking comparisons as well as current directory listings analysis to assess your position and decide how to move forward. We make sure that your (NAP) name, address and phone numbers are valid, verified and are consistent across all current and future listings. This allows us to create your local listing profiles on Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places and Foursquare; as well as on top local directories, niche or geo-related directories.

    + Image Creation, Optimization, and Publication

    We provide high quality image sourcing, editing with branding, and optimization such as geo-tagging and back link generation. We then upload and publish your branded image to 4 primary local business directories.

    + Custom Citation Building
    Google Drive

    We perform directory research and register your business to specialized directories as well as submit a report of recommended paid directories.

    + Review Publication and Promotion Creation
    google Vault

    We analyze the reviews of your competition and then we publish reviews for you. We also provide promotion copy writing and promotion banner/image design as as well as coupon creation for you with a bar code.

    + Local Mobile "Check In" Visibility
    google Vault

    We will publicize your local mobile check-in promotions via your Facebook Places, Foursquare and Google Places accounts to encourage more check-ins and more business as well as strengthen your local signals.

    + Promotion and Event Social Updates
    google Vault


    This includes Google Places offers creation/update, Google Plus business page promotion update, Facebook Page promotional "like" creation, Facebook Places promotion publication, Bing Local deals creation, Bing mobile deals publication and Foursquare promotion update to strengthen your local signals.

    + Pricing
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